Hyperlink – hyperlink : Webdesign webutvikling ord

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Hyperlink – hyperlink : Webdesign webutvikling ord

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Hypertext is any computer-based text that includes hyperlinks. Hypertext can also include presentation devices like tables or images, in addition to plain text and links. On the World Wide Web, the feature, built into HTML, that allows a text area, image, or other object to become a “link” (as if in a chain) that retrieves another computer file (another Web page, image, sound file, or other document) on the Internet. The range of possibilities is limited by the ability of the computer retrieving the outside file to view, play, or otherwise open the incoming file. It needs to have software that can interact with the imported file. Many software capabilities of this type are built into browsers or can be added as “plug-ins.”


Hyperlink (Engelsk)

A hyperlink is a link from one web page to another, either on the same site or another one. Generally these are text or images, and are highlighted in some way (text is often underlined or put in a different color or font weight). The inclusion of hyperlinks are the “hyper” part of “hypertext.”


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Hyperlink – hyperlink : Webdesign webutvikling ord juli 26th, 2016 Aksel Lian

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